Wednesday, 3 July 2019

AC Urgent Maintenance & Servicing in UAE

In UAE, the summer months are long and people spend most of their times cooped up indoors because of the heat and humidity. Air conditioners are necessary to keep homes and offices at a bearable temperature.
It is essential to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment that is well ventilated through summer in UAE. Pollutants such as dust, pollen, and other contaminants tend to clog up air conditioner ducts and disturb its functioning. This blocks the uninterrupted flow of clean and cool air. That is regular upkeep and cleaning of cooling system is necessary. But this is no easy feat and you need professional expertise and assistance for this task.
This is where homefixituae comes in; they are the best in business for AC urgent maintenance and servicing in UAE.

Quality of their service: is a professional home maintenance company based in UAE and their services include air conditioner repair and upkeep. The team of experts at provides the best services for air conditioner repair, cleaning and maintenance.  They perform a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner ducts and units and get rid of all harmful contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold, and other debris to keep the unit running smoothly.
They employ handymen who have experience of several years and are fully skilled.
This company is very trustworthy and their employees conduct themselves with a lot of professionalism.
Clients are often hesitant in engaging the help of outsiders for home repair but homefixituae has a well-earned reputation for providing services with guaranteed customer satisfaction.
Providing urgent AC maintenance and servicing in UAE is something that this company takes great pride in because they understand that repair in cooling system cannot wait; the problem has to be fixed at once for the convenience of their clients.
That is why they are just a phone call away and their response time is very short.
They do not keep the customers waiting for hours on end. Furthermore, they have branches in several locations in UAE so they are extremely accessible no matter where you live in the United Arab Emirates.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Repair Services for all AC’s In Dubai, UAE


Air Conditioner Maintenance in Dubai

In the sweltering UAE heat, air conditioner is an indispensable commodity and it is vital that it is clean and properly functioning. Otherwise you will not be able to maintain a clean, unpolluted, and comfortable living environment. What is more, a smoothly functioning and clean cooling system works more efficiently than a malfunctioning one, resulting in lower electricity bills and a pleasant living situation.

Air conditioner maintenance services in Dubai

In the long and hot Dubai summers, most people spend their time indoors to escape the heat. The atmosphere is laden with pollen, dust, animal fur, and dirt and all these pollutants gather in to the ducts of air conditioners. They become a breeding ground for various types of bacteria and fungi and other harmful microbes that may be circulated in the very air you breathe in when you switch the air conditioner on. This sort of situation proves to be especially adverse for inhabitants suffering from breathing conditions such as asthma and allergies.
Luckily, Abbas Hussain Technical Services LLC provides top-notch air conditioner maintenance services in Dubai.
Their professional team will ensure that your home cooling system functions without any worrisome glitches. They are experts in vent cleaning, duct cleaning, and all of the aspects required for cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners.

Fix your cooling system

Whether you need your AC filters cleaned or need it repaired, just visit and you will find that help is just a phone call away.
They have complete knowledge and expertise and their service delivery is much superior to others.
Their staff always goes the extra mile to get the task done perfectly to ensure client satisfaction. Their vast experience in air conditioner maintenance in Dubai has equipped them with all the necessary skills to fix your cooling system so that it works as brand as new. All of the people working with this company are certified professionals having relevant credentials.

Home repair and maintenance firm

A lot of clients complain that a few days after the handymen leave, the air conditioner faces some other problem and they have to call for help again. But with homefixituae, you will not have to worry. The professionals at this home repair and maintenance firm make sure that they fix the problem permanently. That is why they are the best choice.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

AC Maintenance & AC Cleaning Services in Dubai

AC Maintenance & AC Cleaning Services in Dubai
Machines need regular upkeep and maintenance for smooth functioning. Air conditioners work night and day during hot weather and require careful repairs from time to time. They may break down easily if not looked after properly and it is very difficult to spend summers without adequate cooling.
The job of servicing and cleaning these cooling systems is not everyone’s piece of cake and many people are not expert enough to do it on their own.
That is why professional help is recommended for such tasks. Abbas Hussain Technical Services LLC in Dubai is the most excellent company in this regard.

Top-notch professional service:

As soon as summer season rolls in, people begin to look for expert handymen for cleaning and getting their air conditioning running smoothly again. Air conditioners usually remain off during winter and need to be serviced before they are used again.
You do not need to look far and wide; AHTS provides the best AC maintenance and AC cleaning services in Dubai.
These servicing works are available for both residential and commercial customers. If your air conditioner at home or office breaks down, you know who to call. Their team of experts will be at your doorstep within an hour.


  • Cost effective: A lot of customers are usually hesitant to engage professional help for any issue related to home maintenance because a lot of money is charged and the work is not always good. But with the clients get best value for their money as this company charges very reasonable rates for their services.
  • Expertise: The team at AHTS has a wide range of expertise and experience in fixing all sorts of issues and problems that may arise in your home cooling system. Furthermore, they are equipped to deal with any electronics brand.
  • Durability: Some people provide low-grade air conditioner repair service and the system disrupts several times and it becomes frustrating to deal with. But guarantees durable AC maintenance and AC cleaning services in Dubai as they will permanently fix any issues in tour air conditioner.
Air conditioners work night and day & require careful repairs from time to time. We provides best AC maintenance and AC cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.

So next time you need your AC repaired or cleaned, just log onto!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Repair Services for All Air Conditioners in Dubai

Repair Services for All Air Conditioners
Air conditioners are an indispensable facility in the hot summer months. Any disruption in the functioning of your air conditioner can cause a disruption in your home or work life. During summer, humidity is at its peak and it becomes impossible to stay indoors without an adequate cooling system.
The best solution to solve any problem in your AC working properly is to hire the services of a professional such as the team at Abbas Hussain Technical Services.
They provide excellent repair services for all air conditioners in DubaiEfficiency, professionalism, and skill are the proud features of their service delivery.

Around the clock availability:

Trouble doesn’t always come with warning; your A.C. may break down at any hour of the day or night.
The good news is that the AC repair team is ready twenty four hours of the day to assist you.
You can always rely on them any time of the day to help you in your hour of need.

Reasonable Cost:

A lot of homeowners are wary of employing handymen services because they are costly and some do not provide adequate service on the hefty amount that they charge. They fix one issue and soon another pops up and the customers have to call for help again and again. It is frustrating and a waste of hard earned money.  But AHTS charge a very reasonable price for the work that they do and the durability and quality of their work is unparalleled in Dubai. Customers can easily afford to engage their help without worrying about putting a big dent in the home budget.

High-Quality service: has earned a well-deserved reputation in providing repair services for all air conditioners in Dubai.
Their team is trained to deal to with any sort of issue in this aspect and their prompt, efficient response will leave you amazed.
They take great pride in their ability to rapidly respond to any emergency call from clients and reach within an hour. Their conduct is highly professional so the customer should feel at ease about allowing them in their home.
So, the next time you face any issues with your A.C just visit for the best solution.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

AC Repair and Installation Service in UAE

AC Repair and Installation Service in UAE
In the scorching summer days in UAE, air conditioning is a staple of life. Any break down in this cooling facility can bring life to a standstill. Whether you are at home at night, you will spend the rest of your sleeping hours tossing and turning because of excessive heat or whether you are working at day, you will not be able to get any productive activity done because of the heat.
That is why it is necessary to have the best AC repair and installation service in UAE readily available at hand. provides this service.

AC Repair:

Your home cooling system can break down without any prior signs or warnings. In such a case, just call or contact Abbas Hussain Technical Services, LLC online and they will send their expert maintenance team within an hour. The problem with a lot of handymen is that they just do a superficial job to earn some easy bucks and very soon the machine malfunctions again.
But with, you will get great value and service for the (reasonable) amount you pay.
Their team is highly professional and customer satisfaction is their top priority. They will perform the job to perfection and give durable service that will last for a long time.
After heavy rains or moldy conditions in the house, air conditioners may not work properly. You can always stay worry-free knowing that whatever the circumstances, the Home Fixit UAE team is just a phone call away.

AC Installation:

Installing an air conditioner is not a task that any layman can accomplish; you will need to hire the services of a professional company.
AHTS takes great pride in providing top-notch installation service. Wherever you live in UAE, you can always count on their help in this regard.
So do not risk the smooth functioning of your air-conditioning by trying to install it yourself or by an inexperienced individual and employ this firm to assist you.
The AHTS team is always ready to dispatch their professional team of experts for AC repair and installation in UAEanywhere, anytime.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

A.C Repair in UAE & AC Maintenance

AC maintenance in Dubai
This company has highly trained staff to carry out all AC maintenance in Dubai and ready to assist clients for emergency A.C. repair in UAE. Call: 055-312-3009
Air conditioner has become a necessity of life for scorching hot summer days. But if it suddenly breaks down it can ruin your whole day. If it breaks down at night you will not be able to rest at all or stay indoors. It might malfunction during a social gathering at your home and put a damper on all the festivity.
In this case, it is best to handle the situation by contacting an emergency A.C. repair in UAE.

Emergency A.C Repair in UAE

An air conditioner is a significant investment and the problem can be worsened by calling in inexperienced servicemen to repair it. The machine might break down completely or might malfunction time and again. To avoid such a situation, there are a number of companies you reach out to such as

Air conditioner fix:

This company has highly trained staff to carry out all air conditioner repair jobs. Whether you need the units serviced or gas refilled, they have personnel for every task.
You can contact them at any hour, day or night. They offer great value for the reasonable money they charge and you can trust the durability of their work and the professionalism of the team.
Their team of expert professionals is just a call away. In their line of business, they are well aware the air conditionercan face a problem at any time and that is why they always have handymen ready to assist clients for emergency A.C. repair in UAE. They are well equipped to deal with and have the experience to fix issues that arise from time to time, for instance during heavy downpour of rain or bad weather.
You can always stay worry-free even if the air conditioning does break down because this company will send its best servicemen to solve any sort of problems.
The quality of work they provide is top-notch and you do not have to fret over facing the same issue over and over again. With some A.C. repair services, the handymen just perform superficial tasks and after some time the machine causes problem again but prides itself over the incomparable quality of their services.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

Home Maintenance Services in Dubai
Abbas Hussain Technical Services specialize in providing skilled personnel and materials for home repairs and maintenanceThis company is based in Dubai and has branches all over UAE. Doing repairs around the house can be a time taking and bothersome task and everybody does not have the required skill set for it.
So you can simply visit and reach out to AHTS for assistance.

Home Maintenance services:

They provide a number of home maintenance services such as:
Specialize in providing materials for home repairs and Maintenance Services in Dubai. So, whenever you need a home maintenance call us at: 055-312-3009.

AC Maintenance Dubai, UAE

Get in touch with us for best AC Cleaning & AC Maintenance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Al Ain.

Glass & Aluminum works:

AHTS provide top-quality glass and aluminum works and services. They have material for door fittingswindows, shop fronts, decorative glass work, etc.
They have a production capability of supplying these materials not only to homes but also for construction companies and hold up international standards.

Reliable Handyman services:

Instead of keeping a lengthy phonebook with different people for different home maintenance jobs, just contact AHTSand they will send the relevant handyman for the problem whether it’s an electrical issueplumbing issue, or any other.
This company hires personnel after thorough background checks so you will not have to worry about letting a stranger enter your house.
If you are struggling with some problem in the house and require professional assistance just call the company and they will send a handyman within an hour. They are professional and they will provide a reliable, long-lasting solution so that you do not have to worry time and again.

Tiling and ceramics:

AHTS provides expert workmanship in installing beautiful tiles and ceramics for houses. Their work incorporates craft, beauty, and value. They have professional masons for the job.

Kitchen renovation:

Kitchen renovation is the trickiest part of any house remodeling project because there is a lot of skill and effort that goes into it. Our team will listen carefully to all your instructions and give you a tailor-made design and plan for remodeling the kitchen.

Bathroom remodeling:

The best approach to renovate a bathroom is to involve professional expertise such as the one that AHTS provides so that their team can guide you about selecting quality materials and fixtures.
You can also hire the services of relevant skilled handymen, designers, etc. from this company.
So, whenever you need a home maintenance professional in UAE just visit for reliable solutions to any problem!

AC Urgent Maintenance & Servicing in UAE

In UAE, the summer months are long and people spend most of their times cooped up indoors because of the heat and humidity.  Air conditi...